Useful Links

A selection of links to websites with fiction and resources, competitions and events. including some presided over current and former members of the Clerkenwell Writers Asylum, associates and friends.


The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum

Find us on Facebook.


Alby Stone has stories and other stuff on his  website Vainglorious Lunacy. This site also has short stories by James Holden and Simon Jones.

Mat Danaher has his own fiction site at Reticulated Metal Arms.

Resources, Competitions and Events

Find out what’s going on at our usual meeting place, the Free Word Centre.

Find a list of competitions and magazines looking for contributions at the Thresholds and BookTrust websites, and on Morgen Bailey‘s blog.

Tips and advice for the creatively bereft – get On the Write Track.

You can find a calendar of literary events at the Writers & Artists website.

Not found anything you like here? Try London Literature Online. We don’t mind. Honest.

Liars’ League read short stories out at a monthly event.

Silver Apples Magazine may need a contribution from you.

ShortStops – getting excited about short stories in the UK and Ireland.

The Short Story has news, reviews, interviews and fiction. Includes contributions from our very own James Holden.


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