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The Short Story Collections
Our short story collections are available via Amazon as Kindle e-books or paperbacks. Three volumes have been published to date.

All proceeds from sales are donated to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum First Short Story Collection (June 2013)

The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum First Collection

Travel to hell, outer space, Peckham and back for the price of a pint or two. Along the way, visit 1980s Amsterdam, a First World War battlefield and a frozen Scandinavian lake. In this book, assassins dispatch spies. Dangerous women cast spells. Cambridge dons gang up. And TV remotes kill. We’ve got survivalists, looters, sleazy motivational speakers and, yes, the Devil. The body count is incalculable.

The Switch by Simon Jones
The Bank Job by Andy Munro
The Black and White by Laura Martz
Milk and Honey by Alby Stone
Seducing Kate by James Holden
Dining Out by Jo Caulkett
Happy Birthday by Lan Lieu
A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss by Rob Mukherjee
The Second Visitor by Rebecca Evans
And Harmony was Restored by Simon Jones
A Bad Excuse for Daylight by Rob Mukherjee
Sucker by Alby Stone
Legacy by Andy Munro
Just Waiting by Lan Lieu
The Port Society by Jo Caulkett
Wardens by James Holden
The Dregs by Danni Emery
Geoff’s Retirement by Simon Jones
Build Your Own Man by Denrele Ogunwa
Posh Dishes by James Holden
So Fucked Up by Alby Stone
Interactive by Andy Munro
When the City Falls by Tom Ryan
An Evening with Chad Warner by Rob Mukherjee

Want to try before you buy?

  • Rebecca Evans performs her story The Second Visitor.
  • Lan Lieu’s Happy Birthday was first published on this website.
  • James Holden’s Posh Dishes performed by Liars’ League in November 2011.
  • James Holden performs an extract from his story Wardens.

The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum Second Short Story Collection (August 2014)

Clerkenwell Writers Asylum 2nd collection

The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum want to take you on a journey from outer space to a trading room floor, via a Jack the Ripper tour. Along the way you can meet unicorns, Hansel and Gretel, and the last fifteen survivors of the apocalypse. Beds talk to their inhabitants. A man spies on a neighbour as she undresses. Jesus tries to talk to his Dad.

Left Hand Drive by David Douce
A Trip to the Moon by Alby Stone
Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat by Rob Mukherjee
Cadair Idris by Simon Jones
The Moving Hand by David Gleave
The Castle by James Holden
Old Friends by Jinaka Ugochukwu
Breaking the Monotony by Andy Munro
Beginnings by Lan Lieu
Animals in the Marketplace by Rob Mukherjee
Six Days in Vienna by David Douce
Sam by Jinaka Ugochukwu
A Case of the Obvious by Alby Stone
Stupid Bloody Tuesday by Simon Jones
Rainbow by David Gleave
Sweet Dreams by James Holden
Done by Andy Munro
Zinnie by Alby Stone
In Walks a Unicorn by David Douce
Beds by James Holden
Bouseau’s Wurst Case by David Gleave
1981 by Jinaka Ugochukwu
On a Hill, At Night by Simon Jones
Big Boys’ Games by Rob Mukherjee
Fifteen by Lan Lieu
The Launch by Andy Munro

Want to try before you buy?


Morbid and Disgusting Tales – More Short Stories from the Clerkenwell Writers Asylum (September 2016)



Strippers come good, florists go bad and theologians find the dark side of light. Artists express themselves in unexpected ways. Bland office doors conceal danger and mystery, and secrets are locked away in bedrooms, boxes and beach huts. Strange things happen in alleys, on bridges and at secluded cottages. Large marine mammals drop from the sky and people fall from a variety of high places. Brexit is taken to its logical conclusion.

And there is more, much more. The Clerkenwell Writers Asylum presents a collection of stories that go right to the heart of the human condition and give it a damned good thrashing.

Home Fires by Alby Stone
The Executive Washroom by James Holden
Love is Where You Find It by Simon Jones
Up by David Gleave
Off Nova Scotia by David Douce
The Wish by Andy Munro
Mrs Doris Brown by David Gleave
That Big White Bastard by Mathew Danaher
London Bridge by Alby Stone
Spy Story by Andy Munro
Mr Erdington’s Filing Cabinet by Simon Jones
The Freemasons by David Gleave
Jack by James Holden
Blue Light by Alby Stone
The Evil Florist by Simon Jones
The Ice Slide by David Douce
The Bought Ledger Clerk by Andy Munro
Little Boy by David Gleave
Lux Æterna by Simon Jones
The Body on the Beach by James Holden
Smile by Alby Stone
Cast in Bronze by David Douce
The Waiting Room by Rob Mukherjee
All the Best by Andy Munro
The Beach Huts by David Douce

Want to try before you buy?

  • Alby Stone’s Blue Light was first published on this website.

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