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Flash Fiction Friday 162: 6-word stories

Originally posted on Morgen 'with an e' Bailey:
Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the one hundred and sixty-second piece in this series. This week’s is the twenty-second bunch of 6-word stories by a variety of authors, together with their…

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creative writing for fun but not profit

I think most of us in the Writer’s Asylum are realistic about the limited opportunities for financial profit from our writing. I wrote in March about some of the outlets for creative writing that have arisen as a result of … Continue reading

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James Holden: Freebies

I was crammed into a corner below the steps that lead off the Great Northern Line platforms at Finsbury Park station. Wearing a loud fleece, I was stood behind a massive plastic barrel, giving freebies to the harassed and hurried … Continue reading

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James Holden: The satisfaction of short stories

I’ve just finished reading The Granta Book Of The Irish Short Story. It’s a cracking anthology, and has introduced me to some writers that I want to investigate further – especially Maeve Brennan (her entry is An Attack of Hunger, … Continue reading

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C.G. Menon’s Seascapes

One of our members, C.G. Menon, has won the Asian Writer’s Short Story competition. Her winning entry is called Seascapes, and you can find it via the link below:    

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