don’t be scared

Of a blank screen.

Theoretically I try and write something creative everyday. In practice I totally fail at this, and generally end up writing on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I tend to wake earlier than everyone else for some reason.

Quite often the words flow fairly freely – but sometimes I can stare at a blank word document for an hour before inspiration strikes.

A while ago I decided that instead of aimless browsing of the internet I should compile a list of sites where I might find inspiration.

Here are four of my favourite.

This is simply a list of photos and paintings of largely fairly prosaic buildings, towns, and industrial sites that have been abandoned…

More photos of things from the past – I particularly love this post from which I took the image for this post.

Every Friday YA and speculative fiction author Chuck Wendig has a prompt challenge (I don’t mean it’s timely) I don’t always have a go, and I often abandon attempts halfway through, but they’re always fun, and why do we write if it’s not fun eh?

Lastly for today I go on Facebook and check out pages belonging to… Bored Panda, Laughing Squid, and Gizmodo among others – they often carry articles that can inspire the imagination (as well as fear).

So don’t be scared of the blank screen – and don’t be afraid to indulge in internet/Facebook browsing if it’s a little bit targeted.

About mat

amateurish writer and full time uniony/community person - spends most online time on twitter @matdanaher
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2 Responses to don’t be scared

  1. James Holden says:

    Some great recommends here, will be checking them out.

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