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Book Launch – Thursday 9 October

To celebrate the publication of our second collection of short stories (you can read more about it here) we are having a book launch, at which four of the authors will be reading extracts from the book. It’s going to … Continue reading

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James Holden: Flashbulb Eyes

Ruth wasn’t sure where she was. Opening her eyes she was met by a blue sky, occasional  clouds meandering across the sky. She struggled to remember what she’d been doing before she fell asleep – all she had was a vague … Continue reading

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Alby Stone: Roger and Out

My friend Roger was a peculiar-looking boy with a head far too big for his body, silly short legs, and arms that hung to his knees and ended in hands that twitched and scrabbled like frightened crabs. He had thin, … Continue reading

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Asylum Seeker by Andy Munro

I am in the holding pen. There is no sense of time or place for me now as I belong and am connected solely to the process that has brought me here. I am no longer the same as I … Continue reading

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James Holden: The mysteries of Mervyn Peake

Reading is by and large a solitary pastime (unless you’re in a bookgroup, but from experience even that doesn’t help if you’re the only one to have bothered to have read the book). But I’ve gotten used to this over … Continue reading

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