James Holden: Marco

It’s hot in the manager’s office, and I’m sweating slightly inside the woollen suit. I should have picked something more lightweight for the interview.

He starts asking me questions about my experience and why I want the job. I tell him I think it will be interesting and challenging, that it will let me see the world. I don’t mention Marco.

Because Marco already works on the ship. I first met him in a bar in Southampton about a year ago. We got chatting and then he came back to mine and now he gives me a call whenever he’s in port. He doesn’t always have the chance to see me. Sometimes he has to stay on board even though the ship is in dock, but we manage to meet up about every three months.

It was Marco that convinced me to apply. He looked at me with those big brown eyes across a restaurant table and told me that the competition would be stiff but that I should  give it a go. We would be able to spend some more time together. It might not be in the entertainment team with him, but he was confident that I should be able to get a job as a waitress.

The interview draws to a close, and then he tells me that he doesn’t think I’m suitable. Lacking experience. Did not come across as confident. Not clearly committed enough to life on the sea. The instant I’m in reception I start crying and the woman next in line to be interviewed comes to comfort me. I tell her I didn’t get the job.

“Oh, well I know competition is very stiff. I was reluctant to apply myself. It was my boyfriend, Marco,  who talked me into it.”


About James Holden

Brought up in Yorkshire, James has washed up on the shores of London. He spends his days working as a political geek. His short stories have previously been read by the Liars League.
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